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Poster: leftwinger57 Date: Nov 30, 2010 11:38am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: To where are the earnings

Before I get to today's topic or rant I have to tell you that I'm the owner of 1st row loge for the Sat night Tuna show and couldn't be happier.I've seen them w/ G.E.Smith and was so impressed it brought back the old timey searing Tuna that I'm used to not the bluegrass the're showing lately. As for today I always wondered a.How much a band gets for a given it is split up considering roadies these days are pro rental types.c.with taxes riders, managers, transport, living arrangements how does it get figured out.We generally agree that pro r/r stars make a good penny but w/ production values the way they are how much is seen.Now one could start at an open guitar case playing for pay2. I would think this would be a coffee house pass the hat thing.3. Now we come to the bar, we split the gate but have to pay for the brewskies we drink.4.The night club( Keystone,Old Waldorff, Club Bene)now contracts are definately involved.5.Small auditorium
maybe 700-900 peeps(Berkely Community Theater.6.Fixed formal theater800-900and then some.7.College Gym numbers vary from fairly small to monstrosities, New Paltz to the Carrier Dome.8.Arenas 15-22thousand.9.Stadiums of all sizes bringing in 60 to 80 thousand.10. The Festival basically unlimited crowds. SO after this growing progression of
of venues can anyone w/ any clear degree of
of certainty know who was getting what and when they say the're the highest grossing band many years in a row so HOW MUCH.I know they have foundations and rainforest concerns but the cash comes in first so how much.I need to know. Why, just very curious at the money that's been bandied about.I think my progression of a bands growth v/v
the venues played could use an informal audit. I'd like to
know. After all it is the MUSIC BUISNESS...LW